All Claims Adjustment Bureau Team specializes in providing a wide array of special services and programs to assist TPA’s. We can joint venture with the TPA and become their representatives in any of our locations.

  • Litigation and tax fraudHotline – Emergency, drop everything work – 24/7.
  • Statements, R/S, S/S or in person
  • We work directly with you or your SIU
  • Skip tracing – we have full skip tracing capability nationwide.
  • We have a 95% success rate – with even the most difficult of skips.
  • Mediation, settlement conferences representation
  • Field Work for TPA’s. We provide Nationwide network of Field Adjusters, Investigators, Appraisers, and Private Investigators throughout the United States.
  • Site inspections, photos and diagrams
  • Hazardous condition reports and Frontier worksheets
  • Risk inspections and assessment of risk plans
  • Customized managed reports
  • Synchronize our database fields and entries with our TPA clients
  • Loss runs if necessary exportable to Excel
  • We are willing adapt our reports to facilitate the TPA clients entries into their own systems.
  • Work Comp claims – limited or full assignments, including filings.

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