We pride ourselves in helping attorneys and law firms with an entire array of litigation needs. In fact, we have attorneys on staff that can supervise the investigations and services. We provide the following civil litigation and attorney assist services:

  • litigation and defense adjustment Investigations – All types including photos, diagrams, statements, scene investigations
  • Mediation and Arbitration – court mandated representation
  • Witness Services and travel arrangements – we pride ourselves on developing positive relationship with witnesses, arrangements for their orderly presentation as witnesses
  • Canvassing for and Identifying witnesses and interviewing witnesses
  • Professional skip tracing, Conducting background investigations
  • Summons – Process Serving – we are not the ones you should go to first for service of process- we are the ones to come to if all others fail. We specialize in the more difficult skips
  • SIU unit – fraud investigations
  • Background investigations
  • Locating assets- personal and business assets
  • Reviewing, analyzing, and verifying medicals and specials – one thing is paper evidence and quite another is the investigation as to whether the paper evidence is true or not. This is one of our strongest advantages
  • Research and Location of Experts
  • Juror Polls
  • Estate and Probate investigations : From locating missing heirs and witnesses to uncovering unknown assets – even with a cold trail
  • National and Regional field work and interviews for class action litigation including customized loss runs and data processing
  • Subrogation and recoveries assists – contingency or per hour

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