Claims handling for property damage and bodily injury.

All Claims Adjustment Bureau is an insurance adjuster with specialty in auto claims investigation and heavy equipment appraisal. We have formed strong partnerships with self insured trucking companies, rental car and leasing fleets, company claims departments, other TPA’s and other Independent Adjusters, to provide a FULL ARRAY of services on automobile and heavy truck claims.

Our automobile services include:

  • car crash, auto liability, auto adjusterEmergency Services – 24 hours per day/ 7 days a week including holidays
  • Full or Limited assignments – third party Liability investigations and evaluations
  • Physical Damage Appraisals either as part of an assignment or a appraisal-only for:
    • Private passenger vehicles and Cars of Particular Interest (CPI’s)
    • Heavy trucks and trailers
    • Inland Marine Cargo surveys and disposal and transfer crews
    • Environmental Exposures
  • PIP, Med pay, UM or UIM
  • We can accommodate to client-specific forms and online entries if the clients so desire
  • First Party and Third Party claims handling – from ‘A to Z’
    • Settlements
    • Trial prep, mediation and arbitration and settlement conferences
  • We also have an SIU unit specializing in ruling out or establishing fraud
    • Skip tracing
    • Background investigations – both criminal and civil
    • Surveillance
    • Medical Analysis and PD and BI auto fraud investigations
  • Salvage, Subrogation and deductible recovery programs
    • Either on an hourly or contingency basis. We have contractual arrangements with attorneys who specialize in subro litigation and arbitration.
    • Salvage disposal or protection experience
    • Location and recovery of vehicles for the rental car and trucking industry

For the self insured clients and international clients we can also provide :

  • Full claims administration
  • Complete and customized loss runs
  • Automatic reports to reinsurers and excess insurers coverage expertise

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